Happiest of Holidays: Take a Moment 


It is 7:30 on Christmas morning and I sit in a quiet house.  The cat is prowling around, thrilled to have a few moments of peace. The tree is lit and Santa came last night. Now, I just have to wait. It will just take one set of feet. Then my world will jump into a cacophony of joy and excitment as my three little munchkins forget themselves and remind us what is magic about Christmas.  Family!!! 

In my ten minutes of quiet – because I literally just heard the first squeak of little feet stepping off a bunk bed upstairs – I have time to think and appreciate my blessings.  Amazing family, spectacular friends, my health, and so, so, so much more. 

I vow to stay calm in the chaos that is about to ensue…in seconds. I vow to remember that no one cares if my house is perfect or my prime rib ends up burned. I vow to enjoy every second of today, surrounded by my beautiful children and the love of my life and our best friend and his family.

But most of all, I vow to take those seconds when things seem extraordinarily special – both today and everyday – and appreciate them.

That is what the Holidays are all about – not just Christmas but this season that so many, regardless of their religious beliefs, celebrate in some way – as we prepare to start anew in a new year. 

So Happiest Holidays and Blessings in the New Year! 

I have to run. I have a 6-year old that just learned that Santa brought her the gift she’s been dreaming of. 


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