It’s a new year, so let’s get real


It is officially 2016.  The calendar changed as the clock struck midnight, and for anyone who actually has to manually write the date out, you will struggle to remember how to end the year for at least a week.  Thankfully, all my correspondence occurs electronically, so that’s one less thing off my list!  Full disclosure – with three kids and a really LONG few weeks, I did not stay up until midnight. My wild and crazy NYE looked like this:

For all of us, it seems only natural to spend time reflecting on how the last year has gone and the new year will go.  We all have resolutions in mind, convinced that like Cinderella, something magical changes at the stroke of midnight that allows us to become someone new…or old in the new year. I will admit that I have a couple of things on my list, but I’m not ready to share them yet. Clearly, as a blogger, I will have to publish at least of few of my “resolutions” for the world to see to fully commit – partly because that’s what bloggers do and partly because I’m masochistic.

Instead of resolutions and reflections, I’m going to use my 20 minutes of quiet before the family wakes up to think through my reality.

My reality is wonderful and imperfect and exhausting and sensational.

  • I am way closer to 40 than 3o, and that makes me freak out, but it also makes me happy. I have earned every wrinkle, scar, and extra pound. Ironically, I haven’t found a grey hair yet, but I know its coming!
  • I have three insane, loud, beautiful kids that are so much more work than I ever anticipated, and yet, they are one of the two things in my life that I am most proud of.
  • I have been married to a goofball that I met 18 years ago this month and married 12 years ago.  He is the love of my life and makes me better, stronger, and happy, even when I think I want to kill him. He is the other thing that I am most proud of.
  • I am generally a hot mess! I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, so I trust my heart and my gut. It works out most of the time, and when it doesn’t, I learn from my screw-up.
  • When something falls through the cracks, I have been blessed with amazing back-up: family and friends who know how to pick me up and keep me going when I need a little boost or literally pick something up at the store because I had my wisdom tooth extracted and forgot the ice cream!

Overall, I am living my life the best that I know how, and it’s working out okay. There is always something that I want to change about myself, or my husband, or my kids, or my life.  We all want everything to be perfect. We all want a little bit of the fairy tale life that we grew up dreaming of. But, perfection isn’t real, and today, I am going to appreciate my reality.  Because, after all, it’s REAL! It’s my life and I helped create it.

The resolutions will come, but right now, in this moment, I am going to love what I have now!

Happy 2016 to you all, wherever you are! Appreciate today before dwelling on what will be better tomorrow…

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