A Hell of a Ride

We lost her this morning, but she fought like hell. Thank you so much for teaching me what a strong woman truly is. Love you forever, Aunt Shirl! #cancersucks #toughashell #alwaysafighter

Playdates and Presentations

Cancer pic

My aunt is a tough-ass broad. I say this intentionally, and hope no one is offended.  She truly is the toughest, most loving, woman that I knew.  I grew up in awe/fear of her – one of my mom’s little sisters. She always has her shit together (and is very likely to swear while telling you) and never (EVER) hesitates to say what she thinks. She had the “becoming a woman” talk with me because my mom was embarrassed. She tells my little brother when he is being an ass.  She’s amazing.

When my mom needed her the most 25 years ago, my aunt was there without hesitation. My mom had to start over in a different state with my brother while I was in Texas, and my aunt was the one to help put together the pieces.

She was an X-ray tehnician back in the 80s and 90s. She opened her…

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