A Line-less Wednesday at ORD

Sunrise at 20K

I travel for my job. I’ve written about the good and bad of this equation a couple of times.

Today was a good day! Have done three weeks straight of day trips to Minneapolis. It’s actually amazingly easy to pull off, and it lets me kiss my kiddos goodbye in the morning but also tuck them in at night (or at least kiss them goodnight).

Three weeks in a row of day trips are pretty rough. There are days that I regret foregoing the overnight to spend a few extra hours with the kids. Yet, while I have bags under my eyes now, five or 10 years from now, I know that I won’t regret the lack of sleep!

So after a rough week last week, I’m going to celebrate the good – no matter how small! Today at 5:36am, I arrived at the airport to NO Lines. No security lines, no Starbucks’ lines, no boarding lines. It was absolutely beautiful! And on the last trip of a 3-week straight road trip, something so simple is so, so nice.

Even better, when I get home tonight at 7:45pm, I get to relax and enjoy the last few days of Spring Break with my kiddos, make a few trips to museums in downtown Chicago, and spend quality time with my parents who flew up from Texas to help me with the kiddos while Craig and I had to work during the break.

And who can complain about watching the sun rise at over 20,000 ft… Something to look forward as I board!

Happy March! Have a great week! Find the beauty in everything!

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