Quick Bites: Crazy for Quiche

For anyone who actually follows my blog, you know that I tend to be all over the place. I ultimately write about real things that are happening in my life.

Sometimes, my blog is almost too real: thoughtful, and emotional and touching on topics that others might not talk about. That’s when I get in trouble – annoyed voicemails and messages from friends and family, etc. Stern talking-tos from my parents – JUST as terrifying now as when I was 16. That doesn’t happen often because I try to very carefully maintain privacy while writing a very public blog. I’ve learned in the last six months that I’ve been blogging, that someone will always be annoyed and disagree with you on tough topics.

Sometimes it’s political, driven by something that I touched by or concerned with in the world around me.  Again, lots of drama tends to pop up here, so I try to not write these very often.

Other times, it’s just silly thinks that have made my life easier one way or another in the chaos that is my life. . Today, you get one of those blogs! 

I love quiche, or fritattas, or any other basic egg dish that takes 10 minutes to whip up, lasts a week as leftovers, and literally uses random ingredients in my fridge that are one-day-away from spoiling.

So in theory, it’s fancy and French. In reality, (1) it’s not French!  The highly-efficient Germans created it in like the 1600s and the French just made it better by adding cheese. Google it! I looked that up and thought it was a fun fact.

And (2), it’s not fancy. My monthly (or weekly) quiche is literally the last-chance meal that I whip up with sad, soon-to-expire eggs, veggies with bruises and spots, and cheese that is just starting to smell funky without actually molding. If you think that’s fancy, awesome!

But, beyond being a wonderful means to clean out your fridge, and generally tasting awesome, quiche has to be one of the most efficient meal options out there.  For a full-time, working mom of three kids who travels, volunteers, and deals with crazy normal life stuff all the time, TIME is everything! 

Today, I was sitting at my desk at home at 11:06 and realized that I was starving.  I had a work call until 11:30 that I was semi-paying attention too, so I began to brainstorm lunch ideas… Lean Cuisine? No! Sandwich? No! Order Chinese? Ummm…. Yes please, but not post-vacation diet-friendly. Ok. No!

Then, I had one of those rare moments of absolute food clarity. I knew that I had asparagus, onion, turkey sandwich meat, and zucchini that were all borderline bad. And I had 15 minutes! Woo hoo! I’ll make some quiche!
 At 11:32 (I timed it), I started cleaning and dicing my veggies.

At 11:39, I threw my my veggies in the skillet to quickly saute/steam just enough to be crispy and lose some excess water.

 At 11:46, I poured said veggies into the mixing bowl with 4 eggs, 1/4 cup milk (roughly), and 2/3rds of a bag of reduced-fat shredded mozzerella.  Then, I poured the mix into a greased pan (without a crust because I didn’t have one), and threw the pan into a preheated oven (375 degrees).

Twenty-five minutes later, I have a yummy quiche that’s ready to eat with a little salad (or green beans with hummus since I ran out of salad yesterday).

What are your go-to ideas for quick meals that help clear the fridge??? Love some new ideas!




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