Why I love Jerry Christofferson and Facebook

I do not know Mr. C! I will start by saying that from the beginning.  As is the case with many viral phenomena, he showed up on my feed as a share of a share, but his posted essay on the state of America and American politics was epic! What is even better – it isn’t his essay! It looks like he copied (and sourced) that the author is LaMonte M. Fowler, another person that I don’t know.

It is a must read and I think you can get straight to the feed here. A preview print read is below, and if you are intrigued then give the full essay a read. Otherwise, you can Google his name up and the Facebook link pops up immediately!

Here is why I love it!

  1. He is brutally honest in his assessment – yet his words are thoughtful and accurate. He cuts through the BS that is everywhere in this election season.
  2. He found a way to articulate so much of what I feel and can’t seem to put into words.
  3. He is not perfect. His choice of words made me uncomfortable a couple times, but that is ok! It doesn’t have to be perfect, nor do I have to agree with everything.

Now, why do I love Facebook. Because it provided me the chance to read Mr. C’s article! A great essay and honest essay not driven by bias.  This was his opinion, shared by someone else, now being shared by someone else (me)! And apparently shared by over 250,000 others. That is the power of social media! There is danger too. You can spread hate and vitriol just as easily . But as LaMonte / Jerry noted, “America isn’t lost! You are in it.” And we have the right, priviledge, power and responsibility of free speech.

So, thank you Jerry and LaMonte. You made me smarter today…and gave me a good smile!

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