Fate and fevers


So, at 6pm today at the airport on my way out to a work trip, I was bemoaning the fact that my very first day with TSA Precheck was botched when the TSA security line was closed. Two hours later, I ended up with a major flight hiccup, no flight to Bentonville, and an Uber home unexpectedly for an extra night home with the kiddos and a 9am flight tomorrow. 

That’s a first. Honestly – never missed a flight or had a flight close the doors early EVER. 

I call the hubby and call my mom (b/c that’s my normal protocol) both mad at myself and laughing about the ridiculousness of travel. Have fun talking to my Uber driver, Slava, about his programming class and where he lives in the city, etc.

Then, I get home. I walk in the door, put my bag down, and have a 7-year old run up to me in a panic because my two-year old is in pain and it’s scaring the crap out of her. The 2-year old sees me, runs up sobbing that his tummy hurts and then just holds on for dear life. Tears streaming down his eyes, sobs racking his body, snot running down his nose, he won’t let go. Five minutes later, he’s out like a light on my chest.

Something is clearly wrong.  

We got through the steps of parental diagnosis. You know what I mean! Those hours where you begin to Web MD yourself or your kids and convince your self of the worst…

Fever – not really – we were just barely at 99 degrees.  Vomiting, diarrhea? Nothing! Pain when we push on his tummy? Nothing! What the heck is wrong with my kid? We are pushing and prodding this little man and he is sound asleep thank goodness. But that just adds to the angst for the parents.

This is so incredibly frustrating as a parent but thank God I’m home. 

We officially make the call. For any parent, I think the after-hours call to the pediatrician is almost as terrifying as your kid being sick. You don’t want to be “that parent” – the overreacting parent whose kid has gas or is constipated and yet you’ve interrupted their on-call evening and know it! But, I’m freaked out enough, even with three kids experiencing anything and everything, to make the call.

 The call was worth it!

He needs to go in to the ER. Too many random symptoms and no explanations. So, I stay home with the older kids, and Daddy takes Dom to the ER. Three hours later, we have answers and they are legit. Our baby boy has a major ear infection and has been in pain for a while. He’s just our little beast boy who refuses to get a fever to “warn” us that he’s sick as he’s playing IronMan saving the world in two-size too-small Halloween costumes.

Someone was watching out for us.

Moral of the story.

(1.) Trust your gut. If you think your kid is sick, call and ask for help.

(2.) Fevers don’t always show when you need them to so watch for other symptoms.

(3.) Fate (or someone upstairs) does watch out for us. I had my worse self-caused travel mishap ever today, but it appears that it meant that I could hold my sick kiddo while he fell asleep on my chest the one night he really needed me.

Bentonville is still in the cards for tomorrow, but I’ll be snuggling a very handsome 2-year old IronMan tonight…dosed up well with antibiotics.


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