Pinterest Play: The Organizing Pantry Ordeal

Pinterest is a passion of mine. There are so many different creative ideas, and they always look fantastic. If the people posting can do it, why can’t I?

That is generally the question that I ask myself before embarking on a completely outrageous DIY or craft idea that turns out in utter havoc and comical disaster. I also do not learn from my mistakes; thus, said disasters occur at least once a month in the Sheehan household.

My question to you – Am I the only one with epic Pinterest fails?

Take the weekend DIY project three weeks ago.  Note – it took me three weeks to recover from the agony of the process and build up the courage to write about the debacle.

Over the course of two days, after a particularly trying and chaotic month of scheduling challenges, I decided that I had to find a new solution to managing the family calendar. Thus, like many other highly-logical women who have no time, are not creative, nor actually capable of any true DIY execution, I turned to Pinterest to find Family Organization Center ideas that I could attempt to do myself “quickly” and “easily.” Ha! Ha ha!

Enjoy my Pinterest project story, and feel free to share your own Pinterest stories – please! So I don’t feel so bad.

The inspiration: Family Message Board Wall

Pinterest Message Board

Come on now! You have to admit that looks AMAZING. White board, organizing boxes, fun Last Name monogram, and the magnetic chalkboard cutouts… How hard can this really be???

The Answer: HARD AS HECK!!!

So, I started innocently enough. Trip to Home Depot to buy all the supplies. Thirty minutes and $100 later, I have magnetic primer, dry erase paint, chalkboard paint, and all the other necessary supplies to create my masterpiece – the Hub of the home.

My parents were visiting from out of town, and my Dad – who works at Home Depot and is a retired contractor – kept alternating between chuckling to himself and then rolling his eyes as I shared my vision of greatness…  I should have taken that as a hint!

Step 1: Tape up your space

Now, I don’t have a perfect spot like the picture above, so I defaulted to the inside of our pantry door. It’s perfect because we are in there every day, BUT I can close the door and hide the mess away.

Step 2: Paint the space with your Magnetic Primer

Candidly, this was the worst step and something that I will never do again. The magnetic primer was the most expensive supply, required an intense cleaner (vs. soap and water), constantly settled so I had to literally spend 30 minutes stirring it, and then, didn’t work.

I spent three hours coating and recoating the space four times, then had to wait 24 hours to paint over it, and I ended up with a magnetic board that will hold a magnet BUT ONLY a magnet. Can’t put paper under the magnet. Can’t clip paper in the magnetic clip. Literally, only a magnet. The reviews all very fairly said the concept was nice, but unless you want to recoat a TON of times, it’s just not strong enough to be highly functional.

It’s also a disgusting mess that is virtually impossible to clean. You have to use Xylene to clean the brushes, paint spills, hands, etc. I still have a black paint spot on my foot, three weeks later, that won’t come off. I had to throw away the clothes that I wore to paint in, and my hands were bleeding by the end of the day because I kept having to clean them with Xylene even though I wore gloves to paint. Also, Xylene smells horrible, burns skin, and is highly flammable, so if that matters when you have small children around, then maybe something to keep in the back of your mind.

Step 3/4: Paint over primer with Dry Erase and/or Chalkboard Paint


Ignore the toys scattered all over my floor in the background. This step was super easy! AND, both types of paint worked beautifully. I used the Rust-oleum Dry Erase Paint and ChalkBoard Paint from Home Depot, and I will absolutely use it again. It was simple, quick and it works. More importantly, I could clean it up with soap and water which made the process so much easier than working with the primer. I was done with painting in three hours and then just needed to wait for three days for it to dry fully before using. I love it.

Same exact process with the Chalkboard point, and just as happy with the results.

My Masterpiece is Done! 

It may not be perfect or pretty, but my Family Organization Hub is working. Every time I look at it, I chuckle a bit, then pick at the black magnetic primer on my foot, then plan out the week for my sitter, my hubby and the kids to follow.


I still love Pinterest, and promise to regale you of my latest adventures in the coming weeks. We have a 3-year old birthday party to plan and I won’t be able to resist!

And, I’ve promised a 7-year old that she can have a full dry erase wall in her room at the end of the school year if she reads 50 chapter books in 50 days… What did I get myself into?

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Play: The Organizing Pantry Ordeal

  1. Sophia

    This is great! This happens to me so often, I have such big dreams for Pinterest projects. I would say half the time they turn out okay!


  2. Michelle

    You’re a better woman than I am! I pin this stuff and never have the energy – or desire – to do them. Kudos for at least trying!


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