A Day with Dad

bab208fa-b97e-442a-a9d4-d2275abfa42eThis has been one of the longest weeks of my life. My closest uncle is in the midst of a major medical emergency in Texas, and on Wednesday, I dropped everything to be with him, my aunt and my cousins. It wasn’t even a question in my mind. I had to be there. Even if he didn’t know I was there, I had to be there.

But as I’m mid-connection in Atlanta on my way home after four days away, I have had time to reflect on how lucky I am. I couldn’t have made this trip without an amazing support system that didn’t hesitate to step in when I needed help the most.  My husband is a giant kid – a goofball of epic proportions – but he is my rock and has been for most of 18 years.

And today, he was a superstar! A rock star dad that absolutely blew my mind.

We’ve had a lot of change in the last three months in the family, between my work travel, his new job, and more. The kids have felt the change. And while they have worked to adjust, we have good days and bad days.

Then, we threw in this unexpected trip to Texas, with a sitter covering extra shifts. It’s been a hard week for everyone in the family.

I had expected him to take it easy today. I’m on my way home and he has three kids for the day on his own. Not the end of the world, but not easy.

Instead, he surprises me and everyone else in our social media network. He plans a whirlwind day in Chicago, just him and his three kids, taking them into the city to see what his commute is then fun in the city for 8 hours.

Train Ride? Check!  Water Taxi? Check! Maggie Daley Park and the Bean? Check! Lincoln Park Zoo? Check!

Based on the pictures, I think this is going to be a day that they will cherish forever.  Both fantastic fun and a little zen!


More importantly, it’s a day that might not have happened if I had been home. I stick to schedules and nap times. I play it safe with the kids and don’t push timelines to avoid meltdowns.

This spontaneous extravaganza of all things Chicago was all Dad and that’s why I have to remind myself that Dad doing things “different” doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I have to remind myself that I have a true partner, a different perspective, and that’s good for our kids and for me!

So, as I board my plane to come home to my loves, I can only say “THANK YOU!” I think Dad gave them a day that they will never forget…or at least you tired them out.



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