The Great Closet Cleanup…I Hope!


It’s spring time in Chicago. And during a weekend day that brings April showers, what better to do than some spring cleaning?

Several years ago, we moved into a new house with LOTS of closet space. After a two -bedroom condo, it was like heaven. But, when we moved in, I was due any minute with my third child and the well-organized closets of my dreams were not meant to be.

Fast forward to today, and I have a plan! 

Cleaning a disaster several-years in the making in a few days is daunting and virtually impossible. So, I’m trying the one-step-at-a-time approach.

My goal: One closet at a time. One weekend at a time. 

Rather than looking at the project in the whole, I’ll tackle it one step at a time. I’m going old-school project management, like the good researcher that I am. First lesson in project management is that if you lay out the project in phases, and have measurable steps to complete, no project is insurmountable.


Next step: Choose the team wisely

This is a project that will not be tackled alone. I’m bringing in the big guns…or rather one big gun and three little guns.

Each weekend the kids have a small chore list. That, paired with weekly duties allows them to earn their allowance.  For the next few weekends, they are going to be on closet duty one day a weekend.

The Key: Enjoy each Victory

This isn’t going to work out exactly how I have it in my head. It never does, because my team is made up of three kids under 10 and my hubby. Life is also busy and hectic and crazy. BUT, if I can get at least one or two closets done this month, then one or two done next month, it’s progress!

So, wish me luck! In theory, the execution plan begins today…

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