Crazy for Cardigans

Colored Jackets And Sweaters Hanging On The Hanger

Warning to all readers. This is a fun blog day. No urgent pressing matters discussed, but enjoy! This gives you a peak behind the curtain of what I think about while slowly jogging like a snail in the mornings. 

The Truth for Today

The simple truth is I am crazy for cardigans. They are a wardrobe stable for me both personally and professionally. I have about 25 cardigan sweaters that I have been collecting since 1997 (not joking at all) in any style imaginable and in ten different colors.

I grew up a sweatshirt girl, a hoodie girl in college, and the older manifestation of that has translated into an obsession with all things cardigan. They have become a part of my almost daily uniform, and I truly love them.

To give you context, there were actually real tears (not obscene bawling, but a tear or two in the eye) when I finally had to throw away my awesome silver Express sweater bought in 1998 on employee discount in college for holiday parties. The neck hem had fallen apart and my basic sewing skills couldn’t repair it any more. I currently have a navy blue cardigan – one of my absolute favorites – that is ten years old and secretly” duct taped together at the neckline… SHHHHH!

The best part is that I can articulate clearly why I love cardigans with four simple reasons. They all start with “C.” Based on the rules of blogging, if you can “count” reasons in some way, then it’s somewhat blog-worthy. I couldn’t resist!


Cardigans are all about color! If you are having a drab day, add a pop of color with a cardigan. Need to look nice and professional, but want to add some sass? Throw a colored cardigan over a dress.  Have a really loud printed shirt or pant? Use a solid colored cardigan to tone it down.

Cardigans come in every color imaginable, and they are so much fun. Black is my stable for work, but I have a maroon, coral, deep purple, grey, white, and more.


Cardigans are forgiving for any body type! As long as you find the right style, the cardigan can cover any problem area that you care about. Too thin (not me)?  A cardigan can add a bit of bulk. Flabby arms? A cardigan can hide any jiggle. Post-baby belly three-years later (ME!!!!), a cardigan can be forgiving and diminish. It’s like Spanx but you can breathe!


Again, as long as you have the right color / style, cardigans naturally compliment any outfit that you are wearing. They can dress up a dress or make something fancy more casual. They help make an outfit work day to night. They really are the ultimate accessory, but they also keep you warm so they are functionally useful too.


You can always find cardigans on sale somewhere. Ann Taylor Loft, Francescas, and Gap are some of my favorite places because they are relatively cheap and there is always a discount code somewhere. They also are generally durable when you buy them at the right place. You can accessorize 20 outfits for under $20 with one cardigan when you find it on sale at the right place.

So that’s all from me today. All the reasons why I love cardigans! If you are cuckoo for cardigans too, where do you shop? If not, what’s your favorite must-have wardrobe choice?

2 thoughts on “Crazy for Cardigans

  1. Sue Mcmaster

    2 black, at least 5 in various shades of grey, camel, red, burnt orange, hot pink, off white with black trim, etc – love them!


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