Must-Watch TV: Gotta Watch Gortimer Gibbons

Gortimer Gibbons
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We are a TV family. Some families bond over sports, others over games. We bond over TV. Way too much TV, but that’s a story for a different day.

Today, I want to share one of our favorite family-friendly show discoveries – Amazon Video’s Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street.

I will admit that I get very little credit for this show on my own. This came to me as a recommendation from one of our close family friends. She’s always been one step ahead of us on family TV show recos, and we’ve never missed with a show she recommended.

I’m also a bit obnoxious, so after learning about the show, I did some research. I looked at some of my favorite blogs and websites to see what they said. Common Sense Media agreed it was good and age-appropriate and the Amazon reviews were solid. Plus, it was free to access thanks to our family’s Amazon Prime subscription. We could watch it anywhere!

The show centers around Gortimer and his two best friends Ranger and Mel. They live on Normal Street, but they find out quickly that life is never “normal” on Normal Street. That’s where the adventure and fun begin.

There is magic and mystery, but also lessons about kindness, caring and true friendship. I love that these kids aren’t rock stars or amazing athletes or the coolest kids in school. Instead, they are smart, normal kids doing extraordinary things.

They have normal lives with normal junior high problems. They make mistakes and mess up but still find ways to save the day. They have crushes and get mad at each other. They feel sad when something goes wrong or they are missing someone special, like Gortimer’s Dad who travels all over the world.

If you have time and are looking for family-friendly TV, give Gortimer Gibbons a try on Amazon Prime. It’s good, clean fun and the kids will love it.


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