Some Dad Observations

Happy loving family. Father and his daughter child girl playing
Courtesy of BigStock Photo

Dads have a special place in our lives. They often are our superheros, many times not even knowing it.  I have had the opportunity to watch Fatherhood in all of its glory. I have seen the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. As parents, you are on a journey together for your child. Moms often set the course, but it’s Dads that seem to know how to navigate through the bumps in the road.

Fatherhood is not about perfection. Neither is motherhood. But Dads generally get the concept way earlier than moms do, and that helps right the ship and move us along the path. 

Fatherhood Picture

For my hubby and I, our path begin with a bit of excitement. Thanks to severe preeclampsia, my husband become a Dad a month earlier than he should have to a beautiful, red-haired 4lb baby boy and a very sick wife. Two weeks later, we were all finally home together and our journey “officially” began. Nine years later, we’ve transitioned to a family of five with three amazing, terrifying, overwhelming fantastic kids. We’re figuring it out as we go, but I am damn lucky to have him.

Fatherhood Pic 2

So here are a few quick observations on Fatherhood from a very appreciative Mom to her husband:

  1. Dads are the calm in the storm always.
  2. Dads are naturally trees – something to climb on regardless of a child’s age.
  3. Dads are phenomenal bartenders for moms when necessary.
  4. Dads are classic rock kinda guys. Mom will get into Taylor Swift and Jack Johnson, Dad will introduce you to the Beatles and Van Halen.
  5. Dads will defy the laws of gravity with their children…often. Swings, pool tosses, etc. It’s their job. Just go with it.
  6. Dads are the shoulder to cry on in unexpected moments
  7. Dads are the ones causing the tears when tears need to be had.
  8. Dads are fun to wake up at 8am, especially after a night of playing cornhole.
  9. Dads are the giants in the room, always available to save the day from a giant spider.
  10. Dads are mortifying when they forget that they are “ALMOST 40” and act like the college kid that Mom fell in love with… This applies to both wives and daughters.
  11. Dads will attempt to fix anything with varying degrees of success. But they try…
  12. Dads make mistakes often, but they never give up.
  13. Dads will always be up for a game of catch or frisbee.
  14. Dads can call you on your BS in the middle of tantrum and flip the fake tears into a guilty smile in some magical way. This will be handy during teenage years, I hope!
  15. Dads are can somehow make the messiest of situations highly comical.
  16. Dads are the foundation of our family. The rock that will never give, no matter the circumstances.
  17. Dads are love, true unconditionally love…

Dads are not perfect. No one is. But for our family, he works his butt off to be there for us. He tries even as he navigates through waters with one big adult personality and three small ones that he doesn’t always understand.

He is our comic. He is our heart. He is my rock. And in his own cheesy words, he is the Peanut Butter to my Jelly.

Dear hubby, thank you for you and for us. I will forever “Waste My Time With You.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. You are loved! We are lucky.


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