Back to School, Back to Sanity

back to school
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Two out of my three kids officially start school tomorrow. It is a half-day, which I think is our school’s final evil comedic joke before taken on the craziness of all of our wonderful, monstrous, sweet, tantrum-prone, loud, LOUDER children for the next ten months.  I have never been so happy!

As a full-time, work-at-home mom, I will be honest. This summer has been HELL!  I won’t play the Facebook game and pretend everything is perfect.  It sucked.

Spending the last eight weeks coordinating summer camps, two different part-time sitters, life, work, family vacations, and an often oblivious husband (sorry babe!), all while occupying the same physical location as my 9 and 7-year old roughly 16 hours a day,  has seemed impossible.  While my kids enjoyed summer,  I woke up at 5am almost every day to get four hours of “real” work done before the kids woke up, then got them off to camp with the help of sitters, then gave up on work at 3:30 because someone had to pick up the kids from camp, the 3-year old at day care, cook dinner, and do all the normal “life” things before the next day.

Full disclosure, I wouldn’t have survived this summer without copious amounts of wine.

So now we are in the last week – technically, the last two days before school – and I’m a wreck.  I’ve discovered that I’ve missed the summer, failed miserably in my “wishes” to give the kids a perfect experience, am hopelessly behind in work, gained about ten pounds, and am so exhausted physically that I’m sick.

And today, I’ve hit code red:

  • I found out that I forgot to turn in all the school paperwork for entmy soon to be pre-schooler.
  • The nanny that we were going to extend an offer to w radio silent, so now we are on to Plan B.
  • I never turned in the milk order for the school year.
  • My kids have officially been possessed by evil ghosts that make it impossible for them to speak in an indoor voice, sit next to each other without fighting, not be bored, agree in any way with each other or us, or…

So, as every sane person would do, today, I sat on the floor in my kitchen at 5:30 PM with the doors shut and cried for five minutes. I let the kids completely destroy our play room, screaming, laughing, and acting out of control. I grabbed a class of wine. And, I regrouped.

I know that 95% of my fellow parents are feeling the same way. I know that tomorrow, for 3 hours and 45 minutes, my house/office will be silent. Then, the next day it will be completely kid-free for 7 beautiful hours.

So today, I cried. And tomorrow, my sanity will return bit by bit after one CRAZY summer.





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