Are you STINKIN’ kidding me?

Female Gesture Smells Bad. Headshot Woman Pinches Nose With Fing
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Some days, man! Some days!  Some days are just ridiculous in the absurdity of how they work out. Some days just stink.

I’m not taking about the really bad days, where really big and terrible things happen. Everyone has a few of those.  Those days where you just don’t know how they’ll make it through, and yet somehow you do.

I’m actually talking much simpler. I am talking about those ridiculous days where every little think goes wrong.  Nothing big. Yet at the end of one of those days, you somehow feel as if you have nothing left and can’t completely understand why.

Today was one of those days. By lunch time, I could feel it coming.

I’m days behind on a few work projects. I’ve been running on fumes as I got the kids back to school. My allergies are a mess with crazy weather.

Add in, tons of meetings for work. A doctor appointments for me. Still trying to finalize and coordinate the kids’ after school schedules. And of course, my hubby had a fantasy football draft tonight.  We don’t mess with fantasy football in this household.

To add to the chaos, we are dogsitting my brother and his girlfriend’s beautifully sweet dog. Kids have been thrilled all week, and she came over yesterday.  Taffy (our dog) loves it, and Jack (our tomcat) spent all day hissing and showing her who’s boss today. Otherwise, completely uneventful…

Uneventful, until bedtime, of course.

In that 60-second window when I thought nothing could go wrong.

In that 60-second window, in the waning daylight, when I let the dogs out in the backyard for one last potty break and I sent the three kids upstairs to brush teeth.

Because, in that 60-second window, the SKUNK struck…and it struck BIG. That poor dog. EEWWWWWWW.

Some days, man! Some days.

Yet all is well. Dog is fine. My house wreaks in ways that I didn’t know possible. My amazing neighbors saved the day with Hydrogen Peroxide and dog soap. The internet saved me with the perfect recipe to remove skunk oil. And I’ve spent the last 45 minutes cleaning my brother’s dog while putting my kids to bed while keeping my dog away from the fence that smells like skunk.

Some days, man! Some days.

All I have to say is:

1.) After three showers, I’m fairly confident that I still smell like skunk, not just the dog.

2.) Fairly confident the glass of wine that I’m drinking also has somehow been improved by the essence of skunk oil.

3.) My husband better have the best FRIGGIN’ fantasy football team this season ever…because he’s still drafting at the bar, and I’m writing this blog…

4.) Tomorrow will better. It’s Friday!

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