Hump Day Gets Hostile

When I worked in an office most of the time, I loved Wednesdays. There was something magic about knowing you were half-way through the week, and the weekends always mean something wonderful. Even if it is lacrosse games, swim lessons and collapsing into bed at 10pm after a cheesy movie.

But in a job where travel is regular, but schedule is inconsistent, it’s a fine balance. This week, hump day has been hell! 

I will admit that I’m a little spoiled. After two straight weeks of travel, I’ve been home for the last 12 days. I think that’s why this morning was so hard. I also made the mistake of trying to parent and business travel in the same day. That may have been my downfall.

Today started out wonderfully!  I got up early and jogged before the kids and hubby got up. Showered early and at 7:15, I was in solid shape. Mostly packed for my 10:30 flight, and just needed to get the kids out the door, then leave for the airport.

But in that one hour, between kid drop-off and uber to the airport, everything got turned upside down. Nothing crazy. Nothing horrible. Just life…and life is comically chaotic sometimes.


My questions for the day:

  • How many times can a three-year old need to change in one hour before he goes to school? And does a 2-year old, ripped Ironman costume that is two sizes too small count as appropriate Pre-School clothing?
  • How many times does a 13-year old dog really need to pee in an hour?
  • How many times does it take to actually get a 9-year old to remember his lunch box? Apparently 5 times is not enough.
  • How many times can a 7-year old break into fake tears because she isn’t getting the books she wants from her monthly Scholastic book order? GOD, I HATE THOSE STUPID BOOK ORDERS.
  • How many times can I lose the car keys in a one-hour period of time? Answer is 6. I lost them six times in ten minutes.
  • How hard is it to find one pair of running shoes that you literally used 30 minutes before? Apparently very hard because I never found them.
  • How many times can a 7-year old and a 9-year old and 3-year old pick a fight with each other? The number is infinity…seriously. It’s infinite.
  • Did I remember to eat breakfast? Did I remember to brush my teeth? Did I remember to put make-up on? Answers are no (boo), yes (thank goodness), and of course not (oh well), respectively.

Those were all questions that I asked myself in the 25 minute uber ride to the airport after dropping off the kids, and amazingly enough, we all arrived on time. Quite proud of myself, really. Though my blood pressure is likely higher than it should be.

Now, if only traffic into Midtown Manhattan would cooperate… Like the picture of my current office? Uber car office + Manhattan traffic mean I have earned a glass of wine tonight!

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