Hope vs. Hate – I Am Afraid

Old American flag background for Memorial Day or 4th of July Source: Big Stock Photos

Today, I am afraid. We are four days away from the Presidential election and things have never been tighter.

As Americans, we must consider two candidates for president that are far from perfect.  For many of us, the choice has become a choice founded in our moral beliefs as much as our logical thoughts on who will be best for the country. 

For many of us, we feel like we are in a no-win situation. I’ve heard so many people speak to the idea that we must choose between “the lesser of two evils.” After elections, in which we had strong, respectable,  controversy-free candidates leading both parties (if you ignore Sarah Palin), this election makes me physically and emotional sad.

I am afraid. Afraid for my self. Afraid for my children. Afraid for the country that my family has fought for, and continues to fight for.

But when looking at the candidates today – two incredibly imperfect people – one preaches hope and one preaches hate.  For that simple fact, my choice for president become easy.

The truth is Hillary Clinton has made many mistakes. We all know about her controversies. She is human, and has by choice served this country in a highly public manner for more than half her life with her husband. The reality is that if you look at all of our presidents – even the most prolific – they made hundreds of mistakes while pursuing what they believed was in the best interests of our country.

On the other hand, you have Donald Trump. A man who has never served our country in any capacity. Not as a soldier, not as a politician or advocate for social rights, not even as a philanthropist. And, in a public life almost as long as the Clintons, Trump’s many controversies have actually been more prolific…and more astounding.

I know that none of what I say will sway the avid Donald Trump fan. My hope in this message is that it might sway one undecided voter, maybe convince one person who wasn’t going to vote to get out there…

I am afraid today because if my child looks at me next year and says that they want to be president, that they might be seeing Donald Trump. A man over the last 17 month publicly:

  • Uses social media to bully countless people that simply have the audacity to disagree with him.
  • Refuses to decline the endorsement of leaders of the KKK during the primaries, even if he did turn it down this time.
  • Speaks with contempt and disgust about almost anyone who is different than him.
  • Encourage violence and hate speech at his rallies and among his supporters
  • Illustrates day after day that he is a misogynist and sexist that believes that woman are less than him in disgusting ways.
  • Utilizes his platform to reject and discriminate against people because of their country of origin and religion in away that completely contradicts the constitution
  • Proves over and over again that he does not actually have a comprehensive understanding of the global economic and political situation
  • Incites his followers to reject the election if he doesn’t win in a move that would divide this country in unprecedented ways not seen in over 150 years.

This week, on Tuesday, we as Americans have a choice.

For those of you who believe Trump is the best option, that is your right and your choice. While I don’t understand your reasoning, I have no right to judge you. You may be writing a similar blog right now. You may also be afraid.

However, I cannot and will not vote for Trump. He is unproven. He is cruel. He has proven over and over again that he cannot represent this country in a global environment with poise and restraint. He has no understanding of what it means to be an average American. He….

I will vote for the imperfect Hillary Clinton. Though, she has made mistakes – many – throughout her 30+ years in public service, she has proven over and over again that she has a right to be President. And over and over again, she has stood up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. In a country that is becoming more and more diverse by the day, she gives me hope.

Our country needs hope in the coming months. Note hate.  I pray that the majority of Americans agree.

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