I Believe in US

It has been a long week in this country.  We are still coming to terms with what a Trump Presidency could mean over the next four years. But I am taking a stand today. I’m stepping forward. I’m moving forward. I’m standing up for US.

I believe in US.  I believe in the US. I believe in Americans. I believe that we are stronger than the small but loud portion of Trump supporters. I believe that we are stronger than Trump and the ridiculous collective of white men that he has surrounded himself with that are mired in controversy and hate, touched by racism and contempt.

I know the vast majority of Trump supporters are not racists. Hate crimes have skyrocketed since Trump’s election, and his response is to appoint the very people who have incited and encouraged the people committed crimes against his new constituents.

Yet, I still believe in US. I believe because this week, for every image like this:

Source: CNN – Graffiti on a Hillary supporters car

I saw another image like this.

Source: San Antonio Express – Baylor students walking an African American student who had been threatened to class.

For disgusting things like this:

Graffiti on Islamic Center Wall 

People fought back with this:

Source: Getty Images – University of Michigan students form a protective circle during a Muslim prayer service after threats to Muslim students.

I believe in US, and I watch our students leading the way.  I watch our educators leading the way.

Evanston Township High School (IL) letter read to students from principal on 11/9/16

I see people pushing back against hate, not with hate but with love and respect. I see people, everywhere, using that power for good. Like @Hamilton’s cast”sharing a story of love” with Mike Pence

I see a movement forming. It gives me hope. It makes me proud. I believe in US. And on  January 21, I will stand up for hope. I will stand up for the country that I know we can be. Forty years ago, my parents marched for the rights of migrant workers. Now it’s my turn to march for what I believe in.

I ask you to believe in US. I ask you stand with US.  Meet me in Washington D.C.


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