Three Secrets of a Working Mom Wardrobe

Stitchfix Ideas

I have five minutes to write,  as I try to fit in finishing  a presentation, showering and dressing,  then heading out to a client meeting to colleagues who also happen to be fashion divas. Of course it makes sense to stop  and blog in the midst of this…

Well, I can’t help when inspiration strikes. As a scramble to figure out what to  wear  today,  a few quick things occurred to me.

1.) Cardigans and jackets are my friend:   Sure, these amazing wardrobe requirements add sophistication, color and variety to your daily dressing options. Even better, they hide flabby arms, disguise buddha bellies, and just serve as the ultimate piece to cover any of those problems that we want to hide in the upper body. Oh yeah, and if you forget to shave  your underarms…no big deal!

2.) Who knew knee-high boots could be life savers:  Are knee-high boots amazing fashion statements that exude confidence and even a little sexiness? Hell ya! Do they  also hide pale white, unshaved legs in seconds so you can wear that awesome, comfy dress all day. You betcha!

3.) Who said polyester is dead: Let’s get serious.  While we may want to think polyester disappeared with  disco, we all know it’s not true.  The amazing stretchy, wrinkle-free, totally artificial fabric is perfect for speedy wardrobe changes or travel. It’s also flowing and forgiving when you need a confidence boost. At this point,  I think half of my business casual wardrobe includes polyester and rayon, and I’m a-ok with that.

With that said, it’s time to throw on my polyester dress, my awesome, fun, and forgiving jacket, and head out to my business meeting.  As you can see from my Stitchfix idea page, I am can’t  live without these staples!


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