One vs. Many: I Believe In Love

Unity and Strength
Source: Foundations for Peace

The last two weeks have been incredible. I think many in our country and throughout the world are sitting and simply trying to process some of the unspeakable things that have raced across news headlines.  Manchester, Egypt, Portland, Paris (the Accords), and now London. We have seen first hand the tragedy that arises when hate and evil and ignorance win.

Yet, in the wake of every tragedy, I see love abound. Strangers caring for the hurt. Citizens becoming heroes. Easy targets to blame, like a Muslim taxi driver in Manchester, making brave choices to help get people away from the stadium. Londoners offering tea and beds in the midst of a night of terror. Celebrities, citizens, and strangers coming together to support victims’ families and each other.

We must remember that individuals make these horrendous and despicable choices. They are NOT representative of a religion or a race or a country.

  • For every one Muslim man who chooses to bastardize the teachings of his faith through violent acts, there are 1000s of Muslim men and woman ready to stand up, stand against, and truly represent the love, peace and hope that their faith teaches them.
  • For every one white man that bullies teenage girls on a train, there are others that will stand up for the girls, regardless of the cost.
  • For every sad, pathetic old man, living in a white house, preaching hate, corruption and greed from his internet-based bully pulpit, there are millions of others that will stand up and make their voices heard the first chance they get.

Today, I say, with tears in my eyes while my children safely play next to me, that for every one of them, there are many of us to stand up and stand strong.  Regardless of race, religion, or country, we must stand strong and we must take care of each other. These individuals win if you let fear drive your actions and hate color your thoughts.


Let love win instead. The only way to battle hate is through love. The only way to break through fear is with love. We must believe in love.

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