The Aftermath of an Epic Crappy Dinner Party

So, it all began with a text, and an article reference. Turned in to an epic evening.


The article was a quick, easy read. The rules were simple:

  • No housework
  • No special trip to the grocery store
  • No hostess gifts
  • Wear what you want

So we all showed up late, around 4:30, and the fun began!

The menu was simple. Stale baked Cheetos, old grapes that were about to be thrown away, watermelon, chips & guacamole, microwave rice, hotdogs, and some AMAZING Korean BBQ.

Throw in some wine, beer, and margaritas for the grown ups, and lots of water for the kids, and you end up with hours of fun and great conversation for everyone.

You know – sleeping in the lawn type of fun!

Run around in our undies type of fun when we spill water on ourselves…

Just amazing fun, with amazing friends, and kids that get to enjoy the summer without moms stressing out over perfection.

And the next morning, Mom and Dad and wake up to discover permanent marker tattoos because you wanted to be Maui from Moana!

Think crappy dinner parties are going to quickly become a staple of summer! Can’t wait until our next one. You gotta give it a try!

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