The Gift of Girlfriends

Last night, I had the good fortune to reconnect with some amazing girlfriends. We are a group of pre-school moms that “grew up” together as our girls grew up together, sharing the pains, joys, frustrations and ridiculousness of raising children, working, crazy husbands, and life. 

I tend to be a person who has a few close friends that I share with, but I struggle to really break through in some of the group dynamics that women – whether they are eight or 48 – tend to have.  I suck at small talk. I am very cautious in social settings.  And when my life gets incredibly hectic, I tend to withdraw to a fault,  rather than reach out. This often leaves me on the outside a bit.

The challenge is that when you are on the outside – partly through your own fault – you tend to get isolated and lonely without even realizing it.  And then, the sh*t hits the fan. Because, something happens, and you end up sobbing on your husband’s shoulder on the 4th of July because you feel like you have no friends.

Note – I do have friends. I am blessed with many amazing girlfriends. But I don’t get to see them very often. My closest high school friends are in Texas, 1300 miles away.

My college friends are spread out all over the country.  We IM each other weekly, but generally only get to see each other every few years.

I have my amazing pre-school mom friends, but even though we live close together, we have to work at seeing each other once every few months. Life happens and between sports and work and everything else, it is hard to carve out a few hours.

Yet, after spending yesterday evening with my PRe-K crew, I am reminded of something:

Your girlfriends are a gift.

They give you strength and courage when you need it. They back you up and build you up when you feel lost. They laugh with you and cry with you. They remind you that you are loved and not alone, even without knowing it.

So when you feel alone, remember to reach out. What I was reminded of yesterday is that I do have my village, I just have to remember to ask for them to be there.




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