Rainy Day Mondays

Nothing like a changing season to help you realize how quickly your kids have grown. After unseasonably warm weather, it was finally time to track down the fall coats this morning.

However, in normal Monday fashion, of course nothing was where and how it should be. It’s a rainy day Monday, just a few days from the time change for the season, so incredibly dark. 

We are frantically rushing around. My two oldest have a before-school activity that neither was happy about. My youngest woke up at 5am, then fell asleep on the couch. I’m trying to get a few emails out before I jump in to a day of meetings.  And then…


I, in completely adult and logical fashion, decide to ignore the call.  I just need one minute to finish my email thought.


“Just a second, honey! Need to send this email off.”

There’s dead silence. Then stomping on the stairs, and then I look up to see this:

Tears, an incredibly small coat, and that face.  So what do I do? I burst out laughing hysterically, and I couldn’t stop!  And what did she do?  The tears turned into giggles, which turned in to excitement – new coat time!

Here’s the deal.  Letting the small stuff slow you down brings you down.  Yes, today was a typical Monday, but I look at my beautiful, healthy, insanely tall 8-year old and I feel blessed.  She can laugh through the tears.  I can make her laugh.  I am lucky enough to know I can sneak out and buy her a new coat when she needs it, something that wasn’t always an option for me growing up.

And, when she realized that she was getting a new coat, she said something beautiful and it made me so proud.  She said: “Momma, let’s wash this and donate it to another girl who needs a coat. I loved this, so maybe they will too.”

She may be loud, slightly spoiled and incredibly stubborn, but I know this girl will be alright in the end…





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