The Gift of Girlfriends

Last night, I had the good fortune to reconnect with some amazing girlfriends. We are a group of pre-school moms that “grew up” together as our girls grew up together, sharing the pains, joys, frustrations and ridiculousness of raising children, working, crazy husbands, and life.  Continue reading “The Gift of Girlfriends”

Bye Bye Tooth Fairy

The day finally came. I wasn’t ready but the kids were. We’ve been in the midst of a lost tooth bonanza, and my 8-year old lost her 4th tooth in as many months at summer camp on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, after finding $5 (I’ll explain later), she looked me in the eyes, with her brother next to her, and called me out on the tooth fairy.  Continue reading “Bye Bye Tooth Fairy”

Signs of a Special Dad

How do you write an homage to the men in your life that you love on their special day? How do you find a way to really articulate the beauty and perfection that you see in them, even when they are imperfect? The fathers in my life come in a so many shapes and sizes, with personalities to match, that there isn’t a lot that they do the same that fits in a neat blog post. When you are one of five, your husband is one of six, your dad is one of thirteen, and your mom is one of five, there’s a lot of material to pull from… Continue reading “Signs of a Special Dad”

One vs. Many: I Believe In Love

Unity and Strength
Source: Foundations for Peace

The last two weeks have been incredible. I think many in our country and throughout the world are sitting and simply trying to process some of the unspeakable things that have raced across news headlines.  Manchester, Egypt, Portland, Paris (the Accords), and now London. We have seen first hand the tragedy that arises when hate and evil and ignorance win.

Yet, in the wake of every tragedy, I see love abound. Continue reading “One vs. Many: I Believe In Love”