Weighting to Change

img_9258This is the picture that made me cringe… It was the first time that I looked at myself and felt truly unhappy.  I knew that I’d slowly, sometimes even not so slowly,  gained a few pounds over the last few years, but this is the first time that I truly did not like how I looked. It’s not a horrible picture at all.  I recognize that. But, it was taken after a week in yoga pants, elastic waistband shorts, and lots of lose fitting shirts and recognized that I looked like I was pseudo-pregnant. 

I managed to have three babies and never really gain a pound, but it’s the raising the babies that is killing me.  Pasta and pizza and chicken nuggets. Stress snacking. The wine. The lack of sleep…always. No time to exercise.

Then, I realized that it’s all excuses. Many people I love and know find a way to take care of themselves with the same pressures on their shoulders. So today, I start by trying to take care of me!

This isn’t magically going to happen overnight. In fact, if I think I’m going to go from minimal exercise, wine every night, and a crap diet, to a perfectly fit family, I’m crazy.  So I’m going to try baby steps.

My Goals This Week:  Week of October 22nd

  • Exercise three days this week for 30 minutes
  • Drink alcohol no more than three nights this week.
  • Sleep at least six hours a day
  • Plan at least five healthy meals

This week are trying some great recipes from the blog – Meal Prep on Fleek focusing on Weight Watchers-friendly options.

peanut satay

In the meal prep blog, I found twenty great recipes that are easy to make and stand a slight chance of actually being eaten by my children. Things like:

How did people diet before bloggers and Pinterest?!?

My goal this week is to lose 1.5 lbs.  Wish me luck! What are you guys doing to stay healthy in a realistic way?

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