Signs of a Special Dad

How do you write an homage to the men in your life that you love on their special day? How do you find a way to really articulate the beauty and perfection that you see in them, even when they are imperfect? The fathers in my life come in a so many shapes and sizes, with personalities to match, that there isn’t a lot that they do the same that fits in a neat blog post. When you are one of five, your husband is one of six, your dad is one of thirteen, and your mom is one of five, there’s a lot of material to pull from… Continue reading “Signs of a Special Dad”

Hello to the new “A’s” in our lives

Source:  Science Daily

Well, I know it’s been too long! I know that I have been remiss in writing. I can feel it. Writing has become an outlet for me, yet as my job has changed, and I write more for work, I find it harder to find the words to write to you each week. I also have a crappy computer where the stupid space bar is broken, so writing takes about 5x longer than it should as I correct too many spaces or not enough spaces in every sentence.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about the new “A’s” in our lives – ADHD and Anxiety Disorder. Continue reading “Hello to the new “A’s” in our lives”

Today, I am Muslim


Today, though raised Catholic, I will stand side-by-side with my Muslim sisters and brothers.

I will remember that our country was founded by immigrants less than 250 years ago seeking freedom from religious persecution.

I will teach my children that all people are equal regardless of race, religion, or income.

I will not forget Anne Frank, nor the SS St. Louis, just a few of thousands of lives that were lost due to America’s initial refusal to help when the world needed us most.  Continue reading “Today, I am Muslim”

Dear Cousin – Consider My Side

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Dear Cousin,

We are in a divided family. We have not lived in the “bubble” that many talked about after the election. I have many family and friends that supported Donald Trump. I also have many family and friends who did not.

So, as we enter the new era of Donald Trump, I ask you to read this and understand my fear with the new administration. Continue reading “Dear Cousin – Consider My Side”