I Believe in US

It has been a long week in this country.  We are still coming to terms with what a Trump Presidency could mean over the next four years. But I am taking a stand today. I’m stepping forward. I’m moving forward. I’m standing up for US. Continue reading “I Believe in US”

Dear Mr. Trump


I published this several months ago after being struck by the emotion and power and love that our country felt for Muhammad Ali. Ironically, this was before Trump’s suggested “ban on Muslims” so now I feel this is even more relevant.

Today, even if Trump won the election, most of us our terrified for the future of our country. No one WON in this election, least of all the country.  Today for many of us, the question we ask ourselves is “what do we tell our children.”

Note – unlike Trump loyalists, democrats aren’t crying foul. We aren’t insisting the election is rigged. We aren’t spewing hate at each other. We are heartbroken, frightened, shocked, and scared. But we will not give up. Because Trump’s America, at least as he described it during his election, is not our America and now as president, he MUST aspire to represent all of us.

So, I have a question for Mr. Trump, and I leave it Mr. Trump, because he has not earned my trust or my respect yet. He isn’t my president yet. Though I acknowledge that in several months, he will be.

I ask him -What kind of leader will he be…


Dear Mr. Trump:

Today, as I watched Good Morning America, there were two back-to-back segments. One was on politics and one was on the Ali memorial in Louisville. One spoke about your team fighting your recorded deposition being made public from the Trump University debacle, and the other showed people lining the streets of Louisville to welcome one of their favorite sons home – larger than life even as he made his final journey, but still the poor, skinny boy who began boxing because someone stole his bike and he couldn’t fight back. Continue reading “Dear Mr. Trump”

Hope vs. Hate – I Am Afraid

Old American flag background for Memorial Day or 4th of July Source: Big Stock Photos

Today, I am afraid. We are four days away from the Presidential election and things have never been tighter.

As Americans, we must consider two candidates for president that are far from perfect.  For many of us, the choice has become a choice founded in our moral beliefs as much as our logical thoughts on who will be best for the country.  Continue reading “Hope vs. Hate – I Am Afraid”

When Passing is Failing

This is going to make most of you uncomfortable. I will use language in this blog that makes you uncomfortable. Race and bias is not something Americans like to talk about.  We all know there are problems, but we don’t know how to fix them, and we don’t want to admit to ourselves that deep down, we all might have our own prejudices to contend with.

Today, I’m not going to pontificate or problem solve. I’m not going to hypothesize about what’s wrong. Candidly, I don’t have any of the answers nor do I truly understand all of the whys behind our countries issues today.

Instead, I’m going to tell you a little about my story. My experience with prejudice, with feeling different and confused, and how it shaped the person I am today…mostly through making some really cowardly decisions at 18.  Continue reading “When Passing is Failing”