Hello to the new “A’s” in our lives

Source:  Science Daily

Well, I know it’s been too long! I know that I have been remiss in writing. I can feel it. Writing has become an outlet for me, yet as my job has changed, and I write more for work, I find it harder to find the words to write to you each week. I also have a crappy computer where the stupid space bar is broken, so writing takes about 5x longer than it should as I correct too many spaces or not enough spaces in every sentence.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about the new “A’s” in our lives – ADHD and Anxiety Disorder. Continue reading “Hello to the new “A’s” in our lives”

Movies We Love This Week: Home (The Anti-Disney Princess movie)

The Sheehans are a movie family, likely to a fault. I will admit that one of our favorite past times is to cuddle on the couch and have family movie night. This often happens way too often. We’ve broken all the rules around screen time, which is something that we are constantly trying to change and get better at. But ultimately, our family likes movies, we like to snuggle, and overall, the approach works for us.

Home Movie

Over the last few weeks, the kids have rediscovered a movie released earlier this year – Home.   Ironically, my older two kids (8 and 6) saw the movie in theater but it didn’t really blow them away. However, when we rediscovered it a few months ago, opinions changed, mostly because my 2-year old has become obsessed.

This movie is not an award winner. It’s not some beautifully surprising masterpiece that adults and kids will love.  It’s no Up, or Wall-E or Lion King that will stand the test of time and be just as relevant decades from now. It’s a simple kids’ movie. Harmless, fun, and silly, and I think that’s why the kids love it so much.   

Dom and Oh the Alien have become tight
Dom and Oh the Boov have become tight

It tells the story of the Boov, a cowardly alien race that has taken over the earth and displaced all humans to Australia except for one spunky tween girl, Tip.  One of the Boov aliens, Oh, is an outcast constantly getting in trouble, and he ends up on the run from his own people. He and Tip end up together on their own quests – Oh is looking to keep out of trouble and Tip is desperately trying to find her mom.  The good news – everything works out and the world is covered in floating bubbles and cars running on Slurpees.

All jokes aside, there is actually a lot to like about this movie.  The focus of this is about friends and family and the bonds that matter most. The heroine is a tween girl who is tough, independent, smart and brave. She’s an immigrant from Barbados living in New York with her single mom. She doesn’t need a prince, she needs a friend!  In a world full of helpless (or semi-helpless) Disney princesses looking for their prince, this is a welcome change!

Intentionally or unintentionally, the voice actors reinforce that theme of independent strength. Tip is voiced by Rihanna, and she’s projects that perfect mix of strength and vulnerability. Her mom is voiced by Jennifer Lopez. Do I need to say more???? And, Oh, the hapless but loving Boov alien who helps save the day, is voiced by Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory fame.

What makes the movie stick in your head is not the story itself but the soundtrack that goes with it. The film features some great songs by both Rihanna and J. Lo that really fit the tone of the movie and yet are catchy enough that you can listen to them on their own.  Thanks to Spotify, the Home soundtrack has almost reached Frozen soundtrack proportions because multiple children enjoy them in the house.

Overall, Home is definitely worth a family watch if you haven’t seen it yet, particularly if you have kids under 10.  Enjoy!