Happiest of Holidays: Take a Moment 


It is 7:30 on Christmas morning and I sit in a quiet house.  The cat is prowling around, thrilled to have a few moments of peace. The tree is lit and Santa came last night. Now, I just have to wait. It will just take one set of feet. Then my world will jump into a cacophony of joy and excitment as my three little munchkins forget themselves and remind us what is magic about Christmas.  Family!!! 

In my ten minutes of quiet – because I literally just heard the first squeak of little feet stepping off a bunk bed upstairs – I have time to think and appreciate my blessings.  Amazing family, spectacular friends, my health, and so, so, so much more. 

I vow to stay calm in the chaos that is about to ensue…in seconds. I vow to remember that no one cares if my house is perfect or my prime rib ends up burned. I vow to enjoy every second of today, surrounded by my beautiful children and the love of my life and our best friend and his family.

But most of all, I vow to take those seconds when things seem extraordinarily special – both today and everyday – and appreciate them.

That is what the Holidays are all about – not just Christmas but this season that so many, regardless of their religious beliefs, celebrate in some way – as we prepare to start anew in a new year. 

So Happiest Holidays and Blessings in the New Year! 

I have to run. I have a 6-year old that just learned that Santa brought her the gift she’s been dreaming of. 


The true story of Bob the Elf: It Begins

 For those of us who happily embrace Elf on the Shelf, this may be your favorite time of year. You may have already thought through creative ways for your elf to “arrive” each morning, as your kids delightedly search each morning for his or her new surprise location. You may even have a full back story, with notes to and from Santa, and all that goes with that.  If I am describing you, know that I am completely in awe of you, slightly jealous, and also hold a small amount of bitterness, since I can NEVER live up to the high standards that you set.

For those of us who angrily go through the motions, knowing that if we don’t, our kids will be bombarded with magical elves everywhere else, I say to you – I’m right there with you!

Last week, when I realized that Bob the Elf was MIA, lost in the recesses of my closet, or attic, or whatever ridiculous place that I put him last year so that he would be “easy to find” this year, I very deeply contemplated saying “NO” to the elf.  Actually, my first response was to post on Facebook that Bob was MIA and receive tons of comments from friends that I LOVE for then very appropriately sharing their outrage and hatred of Elf on the Shelf…while also prepping to have their elves show up for their kids.

There were some great viral blogs running around. My favorite was on the Huffington post. I blog by Dynamom called Sorry, Kid. Elf on the Shelf Is Not Gonna Happen.  I loved her honesty and courage. While it’s not “save the world” courage, it takes guts to stand up and say “NO” to the elf.

But, I caved when the questions began…

  • November 27 (Day after Thanksgiving) – “Mom, when does Bob come back to visit?”  “Gem, I don’t know. He just shows up when he’s ready.”
  • November 29th“Mom, Bob is coming to be with us, right?” “Payton, I am sure he is. Maybe he had a special Elf mission or something.” I then spent the day spent desperately searching the closet.
  • November 30th“Mom, did Bob ABANDON us!!!! Our class elf came today to watch up.” “Gem, Bob is definitely coming. I think he comes the 1st day of December. And where did you hear the word ‘abandon’ anyway?” Twenty minutes later: “Craig, think you need to buy an Elf on the Shelf on your way home from work!!!”
  • December 1st“Payton, Dominic! Bob is here! Bob is here!”

Yep, I caved! Bob returned to track the Sheehan household over the month of December. Wonder what he will see…or if he will move!

It begins…