The Social Distancing Experiment Continues: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

Ok, all – we are mid-way through our first week of social distancing.  Full disclosure – this eLearning experiment is painful when both parents are also trying to work full time from home at the same time.  I feel more torn at times now that they are home with me, rather than less.

Yet, there are so many bright spots. Social media has many faults, but when you are isolating in your home, the connections through FB messenger, Messenger Kids, etc. allow us to laugh, cry, scream, and make wonderfully sarcastic comments about everything that is happening.

The beauty with yesterday – St. Patrick’s Day – is that the creative genius of other parents made the rounds, and my kids were able to have some bright moments in a time that they are trying to find stability in an unbalanced world. It started with a shared post on Facebook:


A stranger started it, possibly from another stranger, and over the course of 48 hours thanks to social media, 1000s of families,  maybe more created Shamrocks and “hid” them in their windows. On a sunny but cold day, families isolated while walking together trying to find the shamrocks in windows for “recess.”

As I shared the story with a someone on my team, who is 23 and single, he started getting excited, sharing that he kept seeing families in his neighborhood walking around looking at windows.  He looked out (15 miles away from me) and saw shamrocks and laughed. We hung up as he started desperately looking for some type of coloring device in his apartment with the intent of making a shamrock.

The beauty of all of this: A small simple act unified people even while separation was key.  Social media can be a curse, but in the coming weeks, it can also be a blessing. And while we separate to protect ourselves from “the virus,” going “viral” may actually help us stay together.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and try something fun or new today.  Maybe your small, simple act can change the world tomorrow…