Signs of a Special Dad

How do you write an homage to the men in your life that you love on their special day? How do you find a way to really articulate the beauty and perfection that you see in them, even when they are imperfect? The fathers in my life come in a so many shapes and sizes, with personalities to match, that there isn’t a lot that they do the same that fits in a neat blog post. When you are one of five, your husband is one of six, your dad is one of thirteen, and your mom is one of five, there’s a lot of material to pull from… Continue reading “Signs of a Special Dad”

Some Dad Observations

Happy loving family. Father and his daughter child girl playing
Courtesy of BigStock Photo

Dads have a special place in our lives. They often are our superheros, many times not even knowing it.  I have had the opportunity to watch Fatherhood in all of its glory. I have seen the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. As parents, you are on a journey together for your child. Moms often set the course, but it’s Dads that seem to know how to navigate through the bumps in the road.

Fatherhood is not about perfection. Neither is motherhood. But Dads generally get the concept way earlier than moms do, and that helps right the ship and move us along the path.  Continue reading “Some Dad Observations”