When Passing is Failing

This is going to make most of you uncomfortable. I will use language in this blog that makes you uncomfortable. Race and bias is not something Americans like to talk about.  We all know there are problems, but we don’t know how to fix them, and we don’t want to admit to ourselves that deep down, we all might have our own prejudices to contend with.

Today, I’m not going to pontificate or problem solve. I’m not going to hypothesize about what’s wrong. Candidly, I don’t have any of the answers nor do I truly understand all of the whys behind our countries issues today.

Instead, I’m going to tell you a little about my story. My experience with prejudice, with feeling different and confused, and how it shaped the person I am today…mostly through making some really cowardly decisions at 18.  Continue reading “When Passing is Failing”

Love Wins, Not Hate

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My heart has become heavier and heavier over the last few days and weeks, and I finally feel so strongly compelled to write about it that I can’t stop myself.

As the 2016 election process has continued to evolve, I have watched the American commentary on the candidates and supporters of the candidates dissolve intro vitriolic statements of hate. We have regressed to a society that refuses to understand that the world is grey and blue  and red with many different shades, and instead, aligned in camps that view the world exclusively in black and white. Wrong and right. My way or not at all.

We have stopped remembering the foundations of our country – all men and women are equal regardless of gender, religion, race, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.  We ALL deserve respect and we all deserve a voice. Continue reading “Love Wins, Not Hate”