Dear Cousin – Consider My Side

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Dear Cousin,

We are in a divided family. We have not lived in the “bubble” that many talked about after the election. I have many family and friends that supported Donald Trump. I also have many family and friends who did not.

So, as we enter the new era of Donald Trump, I ask you to read this and understand my fear with the new administration. Continue reading “Dear Cousin – Consider My Side”

Nude Selfie Twitter War and The Kim K dilemma

I will admit that I despise the Kardashians drama that seems to have transfixed our country. I don’t understand it. I can’t get behind it. But most importantly, I’m terrified about what it means in a world where I am raising a beautiful, very bright, often precocious almost 7-year old daughter. Continue reading “Nude Selfie Twitter War and The Kim K dilemma”