Working Mom Diary: Leaning In and Letting Go

Greetings from Santiago, Chile!

Hello, my friends! It’s been too long. This blog is an outlet for me to think, vent and deal, in a very complicated life, and yet I tend to fail to take care of myself all of the time.

I want to say that I’ve not written for a good reason. The truth is that there is never a good reason not to take care of yourself. “I’ve been busy” feels a bit weak. “I’ve been traveling” is true, but again not an excuse for eight weeks of taking time to do something that I truly enjoy.

Ultimately, I’m not here to bash myself. I’m writing again and it feels amazing. Continue reading “Working Mom Diary: Leaning In and Letting Go”

Friday Fun Day

Its Friday written on a wooden cube in a office desk

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Friday! As a kid of the 80’s, I grew up with a TGIF mentality. And frankly, I’m just pooped.

Work, life, family, friends. It never stops, and this has been a particularly hard week.  Continue reading “Friday Fun Day”

A Line-less Wednesday at ORD

Sunrise at 20K

I travel for my job. I’ve written about the good and bad of this equation a couple of times.

Today was a good day! Have done three weeks straight of day trips to Minneapolis. It’s actually amazingly easy to pull off, and it lets me kiss my kiddos goodbye in the morning but also tuck them in at night (or at least kiss them goodnight). Continue reading “A Line-less Wednesday at ORD”

My October Reading List: Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family

Unfinished Business Book Info

For those that have read a few of my blogs, I plan to write a bit about work – life balance…or the fact that it is pretty darn hard to figure out!

I just saw this video as part of a Yahoo news article, and I am now really interested to read this book! I am not a self-help reader nor am I really a non-fiction reader. Give me sci-fi, vampire love stories (yes – I read all the Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse, and Book of Life books), or the occasional historical fiction, and I’m good.  However, I may break my own rules on this one.

I think this is the link to the news article and Katie Couric’s interview of Anne-Marie Slaughter. I’m still figuring out how to add media into blogs!

The interview is worth a listen, and based on my family’s experience, it’s very honest.

No Shame Parenting

I love that she speaks to work-life balance not only as something for parents, but something for everyone. I also love that she addresses #daddyshaming.  Fathers deserve just as much right to balance as mothers. The question is how do we get there?

Let me know if you’ve read the book. It’s on my October reading list.

#noshameparenting #worklifebalance